Frequently asked questions

Questions you may have as a future student. For more info, feel free to contact us.

We have you covered with all the necessary gear.
That includes:
Kite bar
Life jacket
Apart from that PKS recommends you bring a lycra and sunscreen, a hat, and glasses to be prepared for a sunny day.

With the PKS instruction method an average student can become independent in the water after 8-10hours. At that level the student will be able to ride into both directions, do turns and will know how to safely start and land the kite. Depending on your prior experience in other (board)sports you may get a grip on the riding part fairly quickly. For the kite flying part good listen skills, hand-eye coordination, and feeling comfortable in the water are most important. If you would like to get supervision and rent gear for added sessions on your own, you can obtain that at PKS, as well.

The key to kiteboarding is not strenght but rather proper technique, which we will teach you during the lessons. That is why people between 8-80 years can exercise this beautiful sport. Nevertheles, since your body is the connection between the board and the kite, you will feel certain exercise in your abdominal muscles and legs.

Wind is most realiable in the early mornings and late afternoon sessions. Between 11am-3pm the wind is weaker and the sun is stronger, so PKS recommends lessons between 8-11am or 3-6pm.

You can check the current wind conditions in our weather section.
The wind season in Punta Chame is December-May. With bigger kites 14m-17m you can extend the season about 2 months.

Kiteboarding is considered an extreme sport. Most accidents in kiting occur when the kite gets out of control and when people kite in conditions too extreme for their ability (too strong winds or high tide). At PKS we introduce you safely to the sport and accelerate your learning with our experienced instructors. Adequate quality professional kiteboarding training, careful development of experience and consistent use of good judgement and safety gear can avoid problems in kiteboarding. Knowing your limits, having the correct gear for the conditions, and understanding weather are essential skills for safe practice of kiteboarding. Punta Chame has a wide beach free of obstacles and can guarantee a safe learning environment.

The water is warm in Punta Chame. The wind gives you a feel of less temperature in the air. Most people only use a lycra to protect against the sun but a wetsuit is generally not required.